Ep 17

Mastering Your Craft with Bespoke Tailor, T-Michael.

     25 Oct 2020

Today’s episode is with bespoke tailor and designer, T-Michael. Born in Accra, Ghana, T-Michael spent the majority of his adolescence in London, later moving to Bergen, Norway. Operating from the philosophy of mastering one’s craft before achieving success; T-Michael discovered his passions early in life, by mastering the art of tailoring, a skill naturally developed surrounded by the colorful fabrics of his childhood in Ghana. After graduating, T-Michael began a groundbreaking career as one of Europe’s most distinguished menswear designers after opening his own studio on his 30th birthday, in Bergen. With conceptual and abstract ways of thinking , T-Michael uses a unique approach to luxury menswear which seeks to connect the substance of traditional formalwear with modern, functional design.

T-Michael has established a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail and impeccable garment construction. From early experimentation to the mastering the cut of cloth, the T-Michael brand has evolved into the sleek looks they design today; slim cuts, clean lines, and half-linings are all blended in the fluidity of T-Michaels creations, making him one of the most photographed street style stars in the world.

Here are some highlights:

On getting rid of distractions: “My advice to that is to be focused somehow as much as you can on your target, your goal, and the things around you and ignore those flags that come up because practically they’re just there to distract you and people put them there when they know people are excelling if you are not doing anything important who cares about you, people don’t really worry you but the moment you start doing something that’s important and then those distractions will come in, so focus man! Eyes on the prize, always.”

On the art of tailoring: “It’s just a balance of things and my inspiration doesn’t come from clothing itself it comes from the tradition that made the clothing what it is today. You know tailors are tailors because somehow we had to build clothing around the people before the knowledge of just mass-produced product production came. Um, and that’s why tailoring it’s even more beautiful today because even though we can make it in a simpler form, we do it in a more uh demanding way and that’s where the art is, that’s where the beauty comes from.”

On the importance of creating your space: “I spend a lot more time in the space than I probably do at home, so the space becomes my home as well at the same time, you know. The beauty of the space lies in the things you see that, that doesn’t actually fit in the space, you know.- So this stuff the things in the store are like snapshots of my mind in a way, things that are off but their right, you know. Uh very difficult to explain but its just that kind of thing where you see something that is so perfect it becomes a bit boring and i hate that. I think the beauty lies in the fact that it’s a little bit off but you know the reference points so it’s easy to understand it.”


On getting rid of distractions-------------------- 27:29

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