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The Psychology of Skin with Rose Ingleton M.D.

     06 Dec 2020

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Today’s episode is board-certified Dermatologist, and skincare expert to the stars, Dr. Rose Marie Ingleton. Long before caring for the faces of well-known beauties like Iman, Chrissy Teigen and Adriana Lima, Dr. Ingleton stomped the urban streets of the irie metropolis, Kingston, Jamaica. Growing up in the city, her family realized she had a little something different: the brains to transcend her lower middle-class upbringing to become something special... the first doctor in her family. Combining a heavy dose of the performing arts coupled with a voracious appetite for knowledge, young RoseMarie Ingleton excelled at her studies, immigrating to the United States and matriculating into college at the age of 16.

Dr. Ingleton took a circuitous route to becoming a dermatologist, and marvels at just how much her undergraduate degree in psychobiology plays a part in her practice, using what she calls “talk-esthesia” to not only put patients at ease, but discover underlying mental conditions like anxiety or stress that often manifest themselves on the skin of her clientele. It’s this holistic and profound vision that is the foundation of her 20-year practice, and has made Dr. Ingleton the go-to voice on all things skin. Essence. Vogue. Glamour. Dr. Oz. Good Morning America… you get the picture.

2019 saw the launch of her own namesake line, Rose Ingleton MD Skincare. Simply comprised of 5 booster serums along with her signature, luxurious moisturizer, the secret sauce is Dr. Ingleton’s own origins… the island of Jamaica. Powered by her signature jamaican superfruit blend, Dr. Ingleton’s line targets the main issues she’s encountered in her 20-plus years in the industry like skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines.

How does she do it all? Well, this is exactly what we discuss today. We also discuss her culture shock upon arriving in the United States as a teenager, the power of intention and goal-setting, the dangers of skin bleaching, and why it’s important to pay attention to your body, even when you think you have it all. Recorded remotely, this in-depth and at ,times emotional interview will inspire you to never give up on your dreams and never give up on yourself. It is an absolute honor to introduce Dr. RoseMarie Ingleton to the IBI podcast.

Here are some highlights:

On skin bleaching: “It goes so far back to none love of self; too wanting to be something that is more assimilating with the majority culture.” [42:40]

On natural hair care: “I find that many of the oils that are being used are comedogenic, meaning pore-clogging. These oils on your hair over the day, where do they end up?” [53:23]

On starting your own business: “I invested $300,000 which I had saved up - I had to hire a bunch of consultants that’s where the money went.” [59:53]

On health: “In 2018, I found out I was having a brain aneurysm so I go from a woman who has never had anything wrong with her, to having these symptoms.” [75:30]

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